Explore the Tanya on OnlyFans from Germany

What is Tanya Bahtina’s profession?

Tanya Bahtina is a tattoo artist and a model. She is 21 years old and based in Germany. She shares her beauty and aesthetic body through her OnlyFans account, where she posts full nude photos and videos. Tanya is not involved in vulgar or obscene content and has stated that she doesn’t do porn.

What kind of content does Tanya Bahtina share on OnlyFans?

Tanya Bahtina shares full nude photos and videos on her OnlyFans account that popular photographers exclusively take. She also provides free content for her lovely boys, including funny pictures, backstage moments, live streams, selfies, and custom content.

How can one access Tanya Bahtina’s OnlyFans account?

Tanya Bahtina’s OnlyFans account can be accessed by visiting her VIP page at https://onlyfans.com/tanyabahtina.

What is Tanya Bahtina’s goal on OnlyFans?

Tanya Bahtina’s goal is to become one of the top OnlyFans creators and to share her beauty and aesthetics with her followers.

Does Tanya Bahtina offer any free content on her OnlyFans account?

Yes, Tanya Bahtina offers free content for her lovely boys, which includes funny pictures, backstage moments, live streams, selfies, and custom content. The free content is uploaded for her followers in exchange for tips.

How can one follow Tanya Bahtina on social media?

Tanya Bahtina can be followed on Instagram at https://www.instagram.com/tanya.bahtina, and her OnlyFans Reddit account can be found at https://www.reddit.com/user/TanyaBahtina.

What is Tanya Bahtina’s physical measurement?

Tanya Bahtina’s physical measurement is 173 cm in height, 55 kg in weight, and 75D in bust size.


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